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Solidus ELMAspot VISION Spot Welder

Solidus ELMAspot VISION Spot Welder

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Solidus ELMAspot VISION Spot Welding Machine

The Solidus ELMAspot VISION is a fully automatic multi-function spot welding machine that does not require parameter settings. This unique control technology of the Solidus Virtual Machine enables the welding of new materials without the requirement of further adjustments.  

Technical Specifications:

  • 5.3 kN electrode force in all C center-arm distances (80, 350, 500 mm) at 6 bar
  • 5 m mains cable 32 amp, CE connector
  • Main circuit breaker
  • Extremely low spot welding gun weight (eg. C gun 10.5 kg)
  • Quick coupling connection for plugable cable hose package (4 m)
  • Internal water cooling with a large 70 liter tank
  • High welding currents even with even with low fuse protection
  • High output currents up to 13kA
  • Digital welding control - Virtual machine - with quality assurance system and display
  • Precise process regulation, energy control and bypass detection
  • Reproducible welding quality
  • Update-ability via USB-interface
  • Printout of the welding parameters via SpotQS-Viewer Software

***Sold only in Florida! Please contact us for more information.


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