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Solidus Allsweld ADP-200-1

Solidus Allsweld ADP-200-1

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Solidus Allsweld ADP-200-1

The Solidus Allsweld ADP-200-1 is a compact, single phase, synergic, multi-process invertor generator for MIG / MAG, MMA, TIG “Lift”, PULSE and DOUBLE PULSE WELDING, characterized by cutting edge, attractive design with next generation inverter technology. 

The Solidus Allsweld ADP-200-1 offers great flexibility and portability, with high-quality welding characteristics on all materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum and zinc coated steel, by minimizing work due to spatters. The innovative, practical design equipped with the extraordinary VISION-ARC software to satisfy those who wish to combine synergy with complete control of all welding parameters. The spatter-free welding feature will minimize the work load and ensure excellent performance in TIG and Stick welding processes.


• Digital control of the welding parameters with synergic curves preset according to                material, gas and wire diameter
• Ability to store up to 99 welding job parameters
• Smart “PROGRAM” key to quickly select any program
• Double grooved rollers replaceable without any tool.
• “Energy saving” function to operate power source cooling fan only when necessary
• Professional large diameter 4-roller wire feeder that guarantees precise and constant          feeding of the wire
• Auto-diagnostic feature for trouble shooting

***Sold only in Florida! Please contact us for more information.

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